Bulletin board in the hall during summer institute

A Look Inside Nashville's 2017 Summer Institute

Angela Sessoms, Director, Institute Operations and Experience previews Nashville's upcoming 2017 Summer Institute.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In the summer of 2017, Teach For America - Greater Nashville will host its fourth regional institute. Our institute provides students from across the city access to an enriching summer program that will put them on an accelerated path to success in the fall. Corps members will teach in the schools and communities they’ll be seeking to strengthen over the next two years. We believe by taking this localized approach we will ensure that our corps members are primed to value, learn from, lead, and partner with all stakeholders to ensure that the students of Nashville, both this summer and throughout the school year, achieve the academic and personal growth required to access opportunities and realize their aspirations. Our team works closely with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools to ensure that new corps members are prepared to deliver a relevant and rigorous academic summer school program to more than 800 local students. This summer, we will operate summer school sites at Pearl Cohn High School, Cameron Middle School, and an elementary site to be announced soon.

A Day in the Life

Each day, corps members will travel to school sites bright and early in the morning, set up classrooms for the day, participate in a morning meeting, and then welcome their students to school for the day and monitor breakfast time. The day will be spent instructing students with interactive and enriching lessons, observing other teachers, and receiving coaching and feedback from instructional coaches. After students have lunch and are dismissed for the day, corps members facilitate dismissal and chat with parents and guardians as they say goodbye to their students for the day.

In the afternoon, corps members report back to our university partner, Lipscomb University, where they engage in content-specific professional development and training and in leadership development sessions including our Diversity and Inclusiveness series, which is designed to provide space for critical reflection and exploration of how structures of privilege and oppression impact the movement toward educational equity.  The sessions will be a series of conversations and activities that engage personal identity reflection, how our identity impacts decisions and judgments we make as teachers, and how race and class play a particular role in determining whether or not a child is able to access the education and opportunity they deserve.

Corps members then have the evenings to themselves. They typically spend their evenings preparing for their next day's lesson by finalizing lesson plans and materials, rehearsing lessons, making copies in the Copy Center, grading student work, and, of course, self care-- eating dinner, visiting the on-campus fitness center, calling home. This six week training program is designed to set corps members up to be successful teachers in their placement schools and beyond, and to rally a cohort of leaders who will be lifelong advocates for educational equity.

Join Our Staff

If you’re interested in becoming part of this dynamic summer team as a staff member, we are still hiring for a few institute roles! You can find links to those job descriptions and applications by visiting http://institutejobs.teachforamerica.org/.